Bullet Lube

The same, high performance bullet lube as used on all Beartooth Bullets! This lubricant is non-sticky and performs uniformly throughout a broad range of temperatures, from -20 F to 110 F. Sold in 1"x4" solid sticks only. Price includes first class postage shipping to the USA (Call or email for foreign shipments).
This lube requires heat to flow through lubrisizers.

3 Sticks- $18.00

Package of 3 Lube Sticks Qty.  

5 Sticks- $28.00

Package of 5 Lube Sticks Qty  

10 Sticks- $45.00

Package of 10 Lube Sticks Qty  

25 Sticks- $97.00

Package of 25 Lube Sticks Qty