External Ballistics Calculator


Enter your data in the areas provided below. Select the "Calculate" button when all fields are filled. Wind direction is perpendicular to the line of sight, positive values are to the shooter's right. If the Chronograph distance is greater than zero, the muzzle velocity is corrected for this distance. If the field is blank, the default value is used. If using estimated velocities please enter 0.0 for the Chronograph Distance.

Muzzle Velocity

Muzzle Velocity (500 to 4500 ft/sec)

Chronograph Distance (0 to 100 feet)


Ballistic Coefficient (0.010 to 2.0) Click here to calculate.

Drag Function

Bullet Weight (5 to 5000 grains)


Sight Height (-100 to 100 inches)]

Sight Offset (-100 to 100 inches)


Range Wind Speed (-100 to 100 mph)

Vertical Wind Speed (-100 to 100 mph)

Cross Wind Speed (-100 to 100 mph)


Azimuth (-300 to 300 MOA)

Elevation (-300 to 300 MOA)

LOS (-90 to 90 degrees)

Cant (-90 to 90 degrees)


Speed (-100 to 100 mph)

Angle (0 to 180 degrees)


Range (10 to 2000 yards)

Height (-100 to 100 inches)

Offset (-100 to 100 inches)


Minimum Range (0 to 1900 yards)

Maximum Range (100 to 2000 yards)

Range Increment (1 to 500 yards)


If correction for azimuth or elevation is chosen the entered values (above) for azimuth and elevation are ignored.

Elevation Correction for Zero Range
Azimuth Correction for Zero Range

Drop and Windage units


Temperature (-40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

Pressure (15 to 40 inches Hg) 

Relative Humidity (0 to 100%)

Altitude (-1000 to 15000 feet)

Checking standard conditions at altitude cause the temperature, pressure and humidity to be adjusted for the given altitude, otherwise the air density is calculated from the temperature, pressure and humidity using the ICAO Standard Atmosphere.

Standard conditions at altitude